Personalised Rejuvenation Therapeutic Massage

It is often difficult to choose which massage to book due to uncertainty regarding the different kinds of massage or maybe you simply feel spoilt for choice and want more treatments than you have time or budget for!! Not to worry you need a personalised rejuvenation therapeutic massage.

A detailed consultation will identify the ideal massage for you.  We will discuss your needs and expectations from the treatment.  We will identify how you want to feel following your treatment:  Relaxed, tension free, detoxed, energised….


This will enable us to identify

  • Areas of the body to focus and work upon
  • Massage techniques to be used
  • How the massage will take place seated/lying/dressed/partially dressed
  • Oils to use during treatment
  • Essential oils to be added to the aromatherapy diffuser, sensory tray and music to be used to create your personalised massage environment

Charges are based upon the time you are being massaged. Therefore, you need to plan for time before and after your massage.  We recommend that you allow an additional 30 mins for consultation and end of treatment relaxation (nobody wants to rush off straight after a massage)

60 minutes

£ 38

90 minutes

£ 50

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